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A big welcome to all of our youth delegates to Bangkok! The Asian Youth Climate Workshop begins today with nearly 100 youth from over 15 Asian countries (and international youth delegates from around the world) joining 350.org in Bangkok for a busy weekend of sharing skills, gaining knowledge, and preparing for the October 24 International Day of Climate Action.

But we won’t only be waiting until October 24 to take action: that begins here in Bangkok! Yesterday, our allies at the Rainforest Action Network lead a great event to call for the protection of forests and indigenous peoples’ rights. This morning, friends at the Asian Peoples Movement on Climate Change lead a colorful and vibrant march to the United Nations building to call for climate justice and to get the World Bank out of climate change. Throughout the weekend, 350.org will also be taking action, and on Monday, October 5 we will join a major climate march through Bangkok.

If you’re here at the meetings, you can find the 350 delegation at the UN headquarters this Friday afternoon and then at the Wat Ben School throughout the weekend. For a complete schedule of events, please email Jamie Henn, jamie[@]350.org.


It’s time for action on climate change! Check out the video below that 350 friends in the Philippines made as part of the September 21 Global Wake Up Call. Many thanks to all of our allies at Philippines Climate Watch Alliance, Agham Youth, and many more. The movement is here — let’s make it even bigger and louder on October 24 for the International Day of Climate Action.

Registration for the Asian Youth Climate Workshop has now closed. Thank you for everyone who applied — we wish that we could bring everyone to Bangkok, but with limited resources, our 350.org staff tried to select a broad and diverse representation of applicants from different countries in East Asia. Nearly 100 youth will join us from 15 countries in Bangkok!

For those of you who can’t attend, that’s ok! We’ll be sharing all the information and resources online, so you’ll get all the necessary information. And you can connect with the students who do attend to learn from them, as well.

And remember, the most important dates won’t be October 2-5, but October 24: the International Day of Climate Action! There are over 1,500 events now planned across the globe, but we need many more. If you haven’t registered your action, please visit 350.org for more info and sign up today.

Take a look at these great photos and video from the team of youth organizers with the Malaysian Youth Climate Justice Network (MYCJN)! Malaysia is going to be full of actions for the October 24 International Day of Climate Action. We’re excited that a great group of Malaysian youth representatives will be joining 350.org in Bangkok in couple weeks for the Asian Youth Climate Workshop we’re hosting to help strengthen the growing Asian youth climate movement and build momentum for October 24.

Here’s a quick description of their action from MYCN:

On a wet Saturday morning, 19th Sept 2009, a group of MYCJN wet up to Broga Hill, Semenyih for a hike. It is also the Global Climate Action Week and International Coastal Clean Up Day. Armed with a few planks of plywood, a hard hat and lot of enthusiasm, 6 of us made this huge 350 sign on the slopes of Broga Hill ala-crop-circle-style.

A big thanks to MYCJN. Let’s see how many other crop circle actions we can get going for October 24!

Chang(e) poster Final_short(2)Climate action is heating up in Thailand as the United Nations Intersessional Climate Meetings approach (talks begin this September 28). The UN meetings will be a key step on the road to the Copenhagen climate talks this December. In Bangkok, negotiators will try and start to narrow down the text. We’re keeping a close eye to make sure that 350 ppm and other key provisions stay in the official text and don’t get tossed aside.

But we’re most excited about the action happening outside the United Nations compound in Bangkok. As I write, our allies at Greenpeace and TckTckTck are leading the “Chang[e]” elephant caravan through Thailand. “Chang” means elephant in Thai, so these sacred animals are a perfect symbol for the change we need!

Organizers across Thailand are gearing up for October 24, as well. Check out the photos in this post of some 350 supporters in Thailand who are already taking action. Most exciting, this Oct 2-5, 350.org will be hosting an Asian Youth Climate Workshop for over 100 youth from 14 Asian countries to share skills, learn about climate change and its solutions, and start preparing for October 24!

Thailand 350

We’ll keep you updated as the conference approaches. In the meantime, keep up the great organizing and “Chang[e]” that you’re making in your community!

Although August is normally a slow month for most of the world, the 350.org team has been busy in the past few weeks preparing for our upcoming Asian Youth Climate Workshop in Bangkok and the 24 October International Day of Climate Action. Over 1,400 events are planned in over 100 countries for 24 Oct. If you haven’t registered your event yet, please visit 350.org and get started!

Planning for the Asian Youth Climate Workshop is also going very well. Over 100 youth leaders from across Asia have expressed interest in attending the workshop. We are working hard to go through all the applications and get back to people as quickly as possible. Sadly, we don’t have enough room for everyone to attend, but will make sure that the lessons, materials, and inspiration from the workshop are spread far and wide.

More updates coming soon!

Here’s an exciting update from Bill McKibben and 350.org! Youth have played a key role in building support for 350: from chanting the numbers at Power Shift, to organizing summits around the world, and planning events for the 24 October 350 International Day of Climate Action. Thanks for your support and let’s keep this movement moving!

We’ve had many breakthroughs in the 350 campaign in the last 18 months, but maybe none as important as today.

Rajendra Pachauri, the U.N’s top climate scientist, said in an interview today that 350 was the bottom line for the planet.

Here’s the background–the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which Pachauri heads, is responsible for advising the world’s governments on climate change. The IPCC’s last report, which came out in the winter of 2007, didn’t actually set a target for CO2, but it was widely interpreted as backing a goal of 450 ppm CO2.

It was a number that many environmental groups, and many governments including the Obama administration, seized on as the best science. But that finding came before the Arctic melted, and before the world’s leading climate scientists started producing reports showing that 350 ppm was in fact the planet’s real threshold. Now Pachauri has given his imprimatur to that message.

Here’s his remarks, from an interview with Agence France Presse reporter Marlowe Hood:

“As chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) I cannot take a position because we do not make recommendations,” said Rajendra Pachauri when asked if he supported calls to keep atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations below 350 parts per million (ppm).

“But as a human being I am fully supportive of that goal. What is happening, and what is likely to happen, convinces me that the world must be really ambitious and very determined at moving toward a 350 target.”

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This 24 October, 350.org and our allies are organizing an International Day of Climate Action -- hundreds of events are already planned, but we need your help!

Visit the 350.org global site for more information, click here to apply for the Asian Youth Climate Workshop, and stay tuned to 350asia.org for the latest updates on the campaign here in East Asia.

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