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350.org isn’t a single organization, it’s a network of hundreds of friends and allies around the world. Read on to learn more about how your organization or network can join the 350 movement in East Asia and around the world.

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The Plan

This October 24, 350.org and its allies are organizing the 350 International Day of Climate Action to call for a fair treaty in Copenhagen that reduces Carbon Dioxide  below 350 parts per million. There are hundreds of events already planned in nearly 90 countries, but we need your help to organize many more.

Why 350?

Please watch this 90-second animation to see how we explain the number 350 without using any words:

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why we named our campaign 350.org and why “350” is the central message of the 24 October day of action, including:

  • Science: According to the latest science, 350 parts per million (350 ppm) is the safe upper limit of C02 in the atmosphere. We’re at 390 ppm now, which is too high. That’s why the arctic is melting, sea levels are increasing, and millions of people are feeling the effects of the climate crisis.
  • Global target: No country can get to 350 ppm alone, it will take all of us taking action together: governments and citizens, young and old, no matter where we live or what we do, 350 ppm is a target we can all work for.
  • Policy: 350 ppm is a clear policy target for world leaders. When they meet in Copenhagen this December, our leaders must create an international climate treaty that lowers C02 to 350 parts per million. Plain and simple.
  • Translation: 350. No matter what language you speak or where you live, you can recognize those three simple numbers. 350 is a global symbol of where we need to go, and the movement that can take us there.
  • Action: Having a number as a goal turns out to be a lot of fun. On 24 October, people will plant 350 trees, 350 scuba divers will descend to the Great Barrier Reef, churches will ring their bells 350 times. 350 is a fun way to take action in lots of different ways.

What’s the 24 October International Day of Climate Action?

We’ve got another short animation that helps introduce the 24 October day of action, please watch:

As you can see, our goal is to coordinate thousands of simultaneous events around the world on 24 October to call for a fair treaty in Copenhagen that lowers C02 to 350 ppm. We hope that many of these events will take place at iconic places (or places that represent a particular country), like: the Great Wall, Mt. Fuji, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Mt. Kinabalu, and many more.

And we hope that each of these actions will be creative and exciting. One of our goals is to get excellent media coverage on 24 October for all of our events. The more creative and interesting the 350 action is, the more likely it will get covered by the media. So we’re encouraging all of our partners to tell their supporters to organize media-worthy events to help spread our message as far as possible.

Here are some examples of the types of actions we would love to see on 24 October:

Imagine: thousands of photos coming together from inspiring places around the world calling for climate action. Imagine the world waking up.

Our 350.org team will be working hard with you and all of our allies to make sure that these photos make a difference. Here’s some of what we will be doing with the pictures:

  • On the web: We’re asking every event organizer to upload a photo of their event to the 350.org website on 24 October so that everyone can see photos from around the world. The 350.org website will transform to display these photos in a compelling and inspiring way.
  • Media: We are working with leading Public Relations company and communications experts around the world to make sure that 24 October makes a big splash in the media. Our Communications Team will be collecting, packaging, and distributing photographs and stories to media world wide in the lead up to and on the day of 24 October.
  • The United Nations: On 24 October, we will display action photos from around the world on a giant screen at our culminating rally and concert at the United Nations headquarters in New York City so that the U.N. can see the world’s support for a strong climate treaty.
  • Leaders: We will work with local organizers to make sure that photos from each country are delivered to the appropriate public officials after the day of action so that they see their citizens and supporters calling for strong climate action.
  • The Movement: Photos from 24 October will be a great resource for our entire movement and an inspiration for future action.

How To Help

350 Aerial Action in Bonn

It’s clear: the 350 International Day of Climate Action cannot happen without your support. 350.org has grown from a team of seven young organizers in 2008, to an international team of 30 field organizers, web designers, and translators in 2009 — but there’s no way 30 people can organize the entire planet. We need your help.

There are three easy ways for your organization to make a HUGE difference:

  1. Link to 350.org Online: Help spread the word about the 24 October Day of Action by sharing our animations, putting up a banner or our logo on your website, or sharing updates with your social networks.
  2. Ask your network to organize actions: Organizing events for 24 October is a fun way for your supporters to take part in an international day of action. Please send your supporters at least one email (sample) asking them to organize an event — remember, events can be anything, and we love for partners to include their campaigns, messaging, or logos in the actions they or their supporters organize. The only requirement is that they take action on 24 October, display 350 in some way, and upload an action photo to the 350.org website at the end of the day.
  3. Organize one or many actions with your organization: Please join us by organizing your own events on 24 October! Organizing an event is a great way to promote your organization while taking part in a global day of action. And remember, we’re not looking for giant rallies with thousands of people (although if you want to organize one, that’s great!) The key is organizing an event that produces a great photo and attracts some media attention. You’ll know what works best where you work.

We know this is a lot to ask, but 24 October may be one of our last best chances to set an ambitious agenda for the Copenhagen climate meetings and we need your help. If we all contribute a little, 24 October will be a major success for us all.

How We Help You

Friends and Allies 350.org is supported by a small team of organizers based in offices around the world. We won’t be able to organize events for you, or have the money to fund your events, but there are a number of ways our team can help — and a number of reasons why 24 October is a great opportunity not only for our entire movement, but for your particular organization.

When you become a “Friend and Ally” of 350.org, here are a number of things we will do for you:

  • Promote your organization on our blog: After you become a friend and ally, we will regularly promote your organization, campaigns, and your work on the global 350.org website and the 350asia.org website, which combined receive thousands of views every day from people around the world.
  • Link to your organization in our Friends and Allies section: Understandably, this is one of the most visited sections of our website: people want to know who we are working with. Once you join us, we will add your logo to the 350.org site and include it in any materials that list our friends and allies.
  • Promote your organization to our social networks: 350.org has an active presence on Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, with thousands of followers. We are happy to promote our friends and allies and their activities to these networks.
  • Help you get media coverage for your 24 October event and your organization: We are confident that the October 24 day of action will be a big success in the global media because of it’s scale and creativity. To make sure, we’re working with a talented PR agency and an international team of communications professionals. Our regional communications staff will work directly with your organization to make sure whatever action you organize on Oct 24 gets promoted to the media, and that your spokespeople have a chance to talk about not only 350, but your campaigns as well. By creating a common platform with the day of action, it allows all of us to get our messages out. If you have a media team at your organization, we are happy to work directly with them on our communications strategy.
  • Give you a place in our final event at the UN Headquarters in New York City: 350.org will be organizing a major culminating event at the UN headquarters in New York City on October 24. There will be a large stage, music, and a screen displaying photos and videos from around the world. We are expecting thousands of attendees and good media coverage. If your organization is interested, we can work to include one of your spokespeople (or a video of them) during the event.
  • Attract new members to your organization: When you register an event on 350.org you will get a list of the names and emails of anyone who signs up for your event. Therefore, if an organization plans a number of events, they have a good chance of attracting many new members to their organization.
  • Support post-October 24 activities: 350.org is a campaign, not a long-term organization, so we will be looking to use our network to support other campaigns post-October 24. If you have an activity or campaign that is happening after October 24 (or in the lead up) let us know, and we can speak about the best way to promote it to the entire 350.org network.
  • Let us know! 350.org is a fast-moving campaign, not a long term coalition or alliance, so we are very flexible in accommodating our partners needs, requests, or ideas. We want to do what it takes to work with you, so please let us know the best way for a partnership to move forward.

Contact Us

To join the 350 Movement, please contact our regional coordinators:

For Global Organizations and International Partnerships:
May Boeve

East and Southeast Asia
Jamie Henn

South and Central Asia
Will Bates

Australia, Pacific Islands, and Polar Regions
Jon Warnow

Africa and the Middle East
Phil Aroneanu

Jeremy Osborn

Central and South America
Kelly Blynn

North America
May Boeve

Thanks for your support!

We look forward to building this international movement together.


About 350.org Asia

This 24 October, 350.org and our allies are organizing an International Day of Climate Action -- hundreds of events are already planned, but we need your help!

Visit the 350.org global site for more information, click here to apply for the Asian Youth Climate Workshop, and stay tuned to 350asia.org for the latest updates on the campaign here in East Asia.

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