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For more information about the global 350.org campaign, please visit our international website: http://www.350.org.

The climate crisis threatens the lives of millions of people across Asia. But solutions are everywhere. It’s time for action!

350.org is working with groups across Asia in preparation for the 350 International Day of Climate Action on 24 October, 2009. We hope to have creative events at inspiring places around the region — at Mt. Fuji, outside of Angkor Wat, and in your town, city, or university. Let’s make sure Asia is a big part of 24 October!

This website is a hub for Asian 350 organizing and a place to learn more about our campaign in the region. Make sure to check out all of our partner organizations and friends that support the campaign, and start thinking about what creative action you can organize on 24 October.

Together, we can convince our leaders to create a new international climate treaty that puts us on a path to 350 ppm and supports sustainable development around the world.

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About 350.org Asia

This 24 October, 350.org and our allies are organizing an International Day of Climate Action -- hundreds of events are already planned, but we need your help!

Visit the 350.org global site for more information, click here to apply for the Asian Youth Climate Workshop, and stay tuned to 350asia.org for the latest updates on the campaign here in East Asia.

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350.org is a network of organizations and campaigns across Asia. Click here to view all of our partners in the region and learn more about their work. Want to join the network? Email jamie@350.org to sign up your organization.

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