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350 Street-dance in Malaysia

Posted on: August 17, 2009

Malaysian 350 DanceCheck out this great update from Chern Chung, a 350.org field organizer in Malaysia:

D’vol Dance Theatre was established in May 2008 by a group of young people who are passionate in street dancing. Started from only 3 dancing instructors, their group has been growing through the time and now, they have got 10 experienced instructors with more than 100 students. With their great passion in street dancing, they have always been wishing to channel their momentum into creating environmental awareness among youngsters.

Thanks to the almighty internet, Vron Yeoh, one of the founders of D’vol Dance Theatre, got connected to 350.org Malaysia. He came out with a very creative way of educating people about 350, which is by dance move, what they are really good at. Equipped with a good studio and devoted dance crews, they are going to choreograph a dance specially dedicated to 350.org. While waiting for their 350 dance, go and check out their previous dance action here.

Other than this inspiring effort, they have dubbed themselves as the 350 dancing trouper and have started spreading 350.org around dancing community in Malaysia. They are aiming to gather as many street dancing groups as they can to dance, to educate and to spread the 350 message on 24th October all around Malaysia. They intend to let the world know that dancing is not sheer entertainment; it is much much more than that. It is about team spirit, it is about determination, it is about commitment and of course, it is about environment and 350!!!!


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