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On 24th Oct, with people all over the world. We did it ūüôā




One of the goals of October 24 is to get great media coverage for our all of our events around the world. The media is a great way to spread the 350 goal and involve even more people in our growing movement. If you’re planning your event, make sure to send out a media advisory and contact reporters — click here for great resources and a guide on how to contact the media!

And check out this fun article in the Chinese paper in Malaysia about a 350 action taking place at a local waterfall. I can’t read Mandarin, but I can recognize the number 350!

Chinese Media in Malaysia

There are BIG actions being planned in the Maldives this weekend to kick off the final week before the 350 International Day of Climate Action on October 24! Over 2,000 events are now planned in more than 150 countries for the day of action, with new events in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, Cambodia, Ghana, and more.

Stand by for loads of exciting coverage of the events in the Maldives. But right now, check out this amazing promotional video some of the organizers there created … and help build the buzz. Thanks!

d'vol dance theaterWondering what creative event you can do for Oct 24th International Day of Global action? Check out this cool dance¬†choreographed by D’vol Dance Studio. The dance is specially made in support for 350.org and has it’s own story to tell. They will be going on¬†a nationwide tour around Malaysia¬†dancing their way¬†for 350.org.

There are now dances planned around the world for October 24, from a Masaii jumping dance in Kenya to a Swing Dance in Amsterdam. And youth have been dancing up a storm already, from the chanting, dancing and drumming at the recent 350.org Asian Youth Climate Summit in Bangkok to other youth summits in Australia and the UK.

Let’s get more dancing event on Oct 24th.¬†Show us your moves!

Hey everyone! Ever since we did the Asian Youth Climate Workshop in Bangkok there has been an explosion of energy across Asia for October 24. Over 100 new events have been registered in just the last few days, joining hundreds more actions that are being planned around the world.

With your help, October 24 is going to be the most widespread day of environmental action ever. And together we can set a new, ambitious agenda for the Copenhagen climate meetings this December: lead the world back to 350! As we’ve seen in the last few months, climate change is already happening. That’s because we’re above the safe level of C02 in our atmosphere.

Stopping the floods in Manila, repairing the forests in Malaysia and Indonesia, protecting farmers and coastal communities in Vietnam, and bringing climate justice to the millions of poor people across Asia requires all of us to take action.

Thanks to everyone who is already planning an October 24 event — if you aren’t, make sure to visit 350.org/oct24 to register your action today. 12 more days to go!

Check out this video of all the incredible youth energy and action in Bangkok!

A big thanks and congratulations to all the youth who attended the workshop and made our time in Bangkok an unforgettable experience. Next stop, October 24!

Beijing Cube 350Check out some great photos from 350.org organizers in Beijing, who attended the Modern Sky rock festival last weekend to help get the word out about their October 24 events! They set up a giant cube that represents the amount of CO2 emissions the average Chinese person produces in 11 hours and had music fans paint inspiring images of a clean energy future on the side.

Music, art, and 350 go hand and hand, and we’re pumped that some of the lead organizers for our Beijing action are part of the Greening the Beige eco-minded artist collective, dedicated to greening Beijing through creative events, art projects, and now, an awesome Oct. 24th 350-bicycle train around someof the cities ancient landmarks. A big thanks to the Green Student Forum, China Youth Climate Action Network, the Green Long March, and other great groups and individuals which are part of the event.

Now’s a perfect time to be promoting your Oct. 24 event!¬†Check out our action resources site for posters, flyers, and more.

Beijing Cube 350 Girl

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This 24 October, 350.org and our allies are organizing an International Day of Climate Action -- hundreds of events are already planned, but we need your help!

Visit the 350.org global site for more information, click here to apply for the Asian Youth Climate Workshop, and stay tuned to 350asia.org for the latest updates on the campaign here in East Asia.

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